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Mcdvoice survey, Mc Donald’s Survey, www.mcdvoice.com / Mcdvoice con : Mc Donald’s is one of the most widespread fast food restaurants in the world, so its normal for these huge restaurants to conduct surveys in order to improve their services. Mc Donald’s takes the surveys seriously because it will affect the company in the long run. So Mcdvoice is a website where customers can participate in the survey and give feedback.

When you participate in the survey at www.mcdvoice.com it will help Mc Donald’s find the unhappy customer and the feedback will get a powerful effect. Actually, Mcdvoice survey will help the staff of Mc Donald’s to focus on the significance of meeting customer expectations. But if the feedback is negative, then the company will be warned about the potential issues which might affect its future profits. Overall, the main reason of Mcdvoice.com is to collect the feedback of customer to improve the experience of the customer.

About Mc Donald’s:

Mc Donald’s or McD is an American Hamburger and Fastfood Chain which was founded as barbecue restaurant operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald in the year 1940. Using Production line principles, they recognized their business as Hamburger Stand in the year 1948. Headquarter of Mc Donald’s is located in Oak Brook, Illinois, U.S. and it is moving to Chicago in 2018.

Today, Mc Donald’s is one of the world’s largest food chains, serving approximately 68 million customers daily in 120 countries across approximately 36,899 outlets. Mc Donald’s mostly sells Hamburgers, french fries, chicken products, cheeseburgers, soft drinks, desserts, breakfast items, and milkshakes. However, in response to changes in people’s tastes, they started selling wraps, smoothies, salads, fruit and fish.

What is the Survey for?

The Mcdvoice Customer Satisfaction survey is exactly what the name says; it shows how satisfied its customers are based on the survey.

The Mcdvoice Survey has so many questions about the customer’s personal experience at Mc Donald’s. This includes questions regaring customer service provided by the staff, the quality of the food you have ordered. and the questions regarding the cleanliness of the serving area and the restrooms. And you have an option to voice your own opinion.

Requirements for Mc Donald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey:

  • A mobile or a computer with a working internet connection to access mcdvoice.com
  • A valid receipt from Mc Donald’s with an invitation to take the survey.
  • Ability to read and understand Spanish or English.

Instructions for Mcdvoice Survey @www.mcdvoice.com:

  • Visit Mcdvoice Survey Website using the Url (mcdvoice.com).
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • If you have a 26 digit survey code, Click on “If you have a 26-digit survey code printed on your receipt, click here”.
  • On the next page, enter your 26 digit survey code and answer the questions asked in the survey.
  • If you dont have a survey code, then click on “If you dont have a 26 digit code printed on your receipt click here”.
  • Now you’ll be asked to enter the info like Store number, KS number, Date of visit, Time of Visit, Order number and Amount Spent and click Start.
  • You’ll get a validation code after you complete your Mcdvoice survey. That validation code can be used to redeem the special offer printed on your Mc Donald’s receipt.
  • Dont forgrt that the validation code will expire 30 days, so redeem it before it expires.

Note: There is also a limit for participating in the survey, you can only participate in a Mcdvoice survey only for 5 times per restaurant on monthly basis.

48 thoughts on “www.mcdvoice.com @Mc Donald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey (Mcdvoice)”

    • I ordered a strawberry sundae. Service very good. First time for a sundae. A lot of sauce. Service was also fast. I usually go to this McD’s also clean.

    • I ordered a strawberry sundae. Service very good. First time for a sundae. A lot of sauce. I usually go to this Mc D.

  1. I recently visited your Bellevue store at 68123 McDonald’s restaurant number 1684110201 South 21st street during this visit I ask for a second syrup with my pancake breakfast and I was charged for the suram I feel this is a condiment at something that you should supply to your customers at no charge no pun intended it made a very bad taste in my mouth

  2. Visited the Claycomo store #1349. Food was hot and fresh. Drinks were good after we had to pull around to the side and go inside for straws.

  3. I come through drive all the time & the little colored girl in back is so nice & sweet always ask me how my day was..reads back my order.. everything is always correct.?

  4. 2nd time in a week went through the drive through order was wrong .simply– 2 mcdoubles no onions or pickles and a coke ,I got 2 mcdoubles 1 no onions or pickles the other had onions and pickles no coke asked for my drink got a tea wtf. And you want $15 and can’t do what your asked to do store number4579 Toledo Ohio get a clue

  5. 8/5 at 9:51 I visited your restaurant at 1837 Bowles #23002 and was the third car in line at drive through. took an exceedingly long time to receive my two quarter pounders (10+ minutes). NOT acceptable! no explanation but an apology was provided. The order from the first car seemed to be the problem.

  6. Great Service at #15627 @ West Covina Mall! They even make your coffee with your specifications of cream and sugar…love the customer service!

  7. I am addicted to the sausage and egg mcmuffin and once again today I was not disappointed! Loved my frappe as well.

  8. Me and my mother would love it if you could recognize harley from the morton mcdonalds she is an outstanding employee. Very courteous and helpful she is the best mcdonald employee we have seen in awhile an I live in canton and my mom lives in peoria. Wish canton and peoria had more employees like her she deserves recognition for her efforts an making our visit special. She brought a smile to both our faces.

  9. Trying to enter you survey, but am having a problem navigating you web page. Please send a reply to help. Thank you.

  10. I went today to the McDonalds at Fairfield Shopping center to buy 3 happy meals (+) for my grandkids there was no one in line when I got there. I ordered and then others began to arrive, the drive thru was going pretty steady. as I waited for my order others came up and was served while I waited. One guy even came up and (appeared to know the girls behind) he ordered only a small fry. He was given a large bag and a large cup to go while I waited. One of the girls who came in after me even remarked, how could she get the same deal.

  11. I was at the McDonald in meridian idaho from the time I entered the drive though at 1140 pm I spent 45 mins to get my order they really need to work on there customer service it should not take that long to get orders out I go there all the time though out the day and have never been in the drive though for more then 15 being in the drive though for 45 mins is stupid and when I Finley got my good it was cold and the chicken nuggets taste like they were put back in the fryer trying to reheat them

  12. I just went to your store in Warsaw Indiana the no.of store is 2788.was totally displeased with the appearance of store.the food was not hot they was out of tea and I Had To Clean Off A Table And Seats So We Could Eat
    The Flys were bad also.

  13. Bridget was very helpful.At Your Howell,mi,Store.#17550. She si always courteous, polite,and efficent. As i am in this location 2 to 3 Times daily,i see who is doing well and who is just There. She always is very professional. I appreciate her service quality.

  14. I have been a customer of McDonald’s for over 50 years and I never have had a good experience in the Memphis IN McDonald’s in the last three years. Never staffed dirty wait times are rediciolous. Staff is sloppy dressed looks like they just rolled out of bed shirts untucked hair not combed and all around not presentable to service the public. Food order never right food is throw together. Drive thru always closed due to short staff. So very disappointing of what I believed was a world classic fast food restraunt. I am ashamed it is in my town I live in and few restraunts to service the area. So sad

  15. I come here nearly almost everything there’s one coworker who collects my money and I believe her name is felisha! She’s such an efficient worker and always puts a smile on my face. She’s the heart I believe of the McDonalds on north holly rd located near grange hall rd. Her customer service defiantly goes about and beyond the criteria

  16. Absolute worse service at the Surprise store. We waited 20 minutes in drive thru which never moved, so I went inside. 12 people on line and only one register open. 45 minutes to get a coffee. So many unhappy customers. Wickenburg store needs to train this manager

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